Task list and best wishes for 2017

Rather than relying on a breakthrough discovery in high energy physics in 2017 which is really difficult to envision, I am quite convinced that with what we know of the complete standard model of particle physics and what we don't know from the dark energy and dark matter phenomenological parametrisation in the cosmological concordance model there are dramatic improvement possible : in model building for grand unification of gauge coupling constants at and beyond the zeptometer and also in inflation, baryogenesis and seesaw mechanisms on the zetta-eV side. 
I think with the last progress in the spectral noncommutative geometric modelisation of spacetime, fundamental fermionic matter and bosonic gauge and scalar interaction mediators, theoretical physicists could build a pretty consistent view of the dreamed micro-macro connection epitomised by the famous Glashow snake. Another task for bold and gifted experimenters will be to imagine and then design the proper tools to probe the realm of some potential new quanta of spacetime waiting for us to be uncovered.
Best wishes for 2017 to them, to the readers of this blog and to all others!

Deux anagrammes à clef* pour commencer la nouvelle année tirées d'Anagrammes renversantes et combinés par le blogueur à la façon d'un haïku :

Et les particules élémentaires  tissèrent l'espace et la lumière 1, 
tout en faisant résonner en moi la disparition de Majorana ...3  
j'adorai la dimension à part 2.

*Parcours de découverte à la recherche des clefs ou simplement pour apprécier le chemin déjà parcouru dans la modélisation spectrale de notre espace-temps physique "à la mode" noncommutative:

Une classification des facteurs de type III (inception)
L'interaction entre physique théorique et mathématiques pure sous l'angle des algèbres d'opérateurs (pro domo advocacy for a quantum perspective on spacetime)
Essay on Physics and Non-commutative Geometry (a roadmap?)
Classical Bosons in a Noncommutative Geometry (the Higgs mechanism pops up from
noncommutative geometric extension of abelian gauge field theory)

Lessons from Quantum Field Theory - Hopf Algebras and Spacetime Geometries 
On the foundation of noncommutative geometry (historical perspective)
Noncommutative geometry and the standard model (very pedagogical introduction)
Renormalization, the Riemann–Hilbert correspondence, and motivic Galois theory 
Can we predict the value of the Higgs mass? (a critique about a wrong interpretation)

Noncommutative geometry and physics (a mathematical physics memento)
Non-compact spectral triples with finite volume
3Resilience of the Spectral Standard Model (hint of a canonical completion of the second model)
3Asymptotic safety, hypergeometric functions, and the Higgs mass in spectral action models (another more versatile completion)
Gauge networks in noncommutative geometry
Inner Fluctuations in Noncommutative Geometry without the first order condition
(breakthrough : a former axiom is removed)
Beyond the Spectral Standard Model: Emergence of Pati-Salam Unification 
("natural" connection between the electroweak and seesaw scales) 
Renormalizability Conditions for Almost-Commutative Manifolds 
Quanta of Geometry: Noncommutative Aspects (breakthrough : mimetic dark matter  and dark energy derivable from noncommutative geometry) 
Grand Unification in the Spectral Pati-Salam Model (a threefold third canonical model)  
Pati-Salam Unification from Non-commutative Geometry and the TeV-scale W_R boson (the first truly testable but noncanonical third-like model?)
The noncommutative geometry of Zitterbewegung  (a table-top experiment for quantum simulation?)
Resolving Cosmological Singularities and Nonsingular Black Hole (not necessarily connected to the spectral noncommutative framework but naturally embeddable into?)
2017 update!
Geometry and the quantum 
Quanta of Space-Time ...

That's all for this brief tapestry of an Odyssey through the building of spectral noncommutative geometry. Let's be prepared to engage sooner or later in the Iliad singing the confrontation of spectral Pati-Salam model and mimetic extension of general relativity predictions with  the phenomenological world.

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