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Epistemology and phenomenology of B-L gauged extension of the Standard Model

Our (quantum and gravitating) physical universe from a conservative (neither compulsory stringy nor mandatory supersymmetric) viewpoint

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Parallel but opposite or dual and complementary histories of two different ideas?

There are more things in theory and phenomenology, my friend, than are covered in more popular blogs.

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A spectral non commutative shot in the darkness of quantum physics and Einstein's gravity

Heisenberg relation(s) for spectral non commutative spacetime?

1814-2014 : 200 years of spectroscopy / 200 ans de spectroscopie

From quantum black hole "atoms" of gravitation to quanta of spectral noncommutative spacetime / Des trous noirs quantiques, "atomes" de la gravitation, aux quanta d'espacetemps spectral non commutatif