A quantum leap beyond classical Riemannian geometry brought up in the realm of experimental physics

If I understand correctly, it seems for the first time Alain Connes accepted his 2017 (possibly last?) lectures at College de France be filmed. I remember a few years ago he explained to his audience he was reluctant to accept a broadcasting of these particular lectures because he was afraid it could impart his freedom to think aloud. 

It is a great opportunity to all ingenious undergraduate seniors at a university anywhere in the world (see former post) and the luckiest students in Paris area to engage in a fascinating but challenging* conceptual trip (*these Connes lectures are in French ;-) 

The first "episode" (two videos) is available here
The second one is today (I don't know but I wish it will broadcasted too!)

Here are a few slides from the first videos as an invitation to a journey with a mathematician who unfolded spacetime from X-rays to Higgs.
Voici quelques captures d'écran du premier cours en guise d'invitation au voyage avec un mathématicien qui a déplié l'espacetemps des rayons X au boson de Higgs.

(addendum 10 June 2017: this quote is from Newton's Queries (#31