Listening to the little quantum music of the spectral model

... to find a path from general relativity to the standard theory?
I propose below a video of a conference at Institut Henri Poincaré recorded in November 2013. To paraphrase a famous author* one could say that it shows Alain Connes describing his current work on the problem of quantum gravity hoping to overcome the main difficulties with the help of a (some) local(or not) physicist(s**). Of course he does not claim to have a complete grand unified quantum theory. But one thing is certain, few mathematicians have worked as hard as him and have been injected with such a great awe of (flavour***) physics, which in some narrow materialist mind could be viewed as a pure mess in its more awkward forms! 

*The author is Einstein. Here are his words in a letter to Arnold Sommerfeld dated October 29, 1912:
At the moment I am working solely on the problem of gravitation and believe 1 will be able to overcome all difficulties with the help of a local, friendly mathematician. But one thing is certain, that I have never worked so hard in my life, and that I have been injected with a great awe of mathematics, which in my naiveté until now I only viewed as a pure luxury in its subtler forms!'
** I have particularly in mind Ali Chamseddine and Sacha Mukhanov but one should add Walter van Suijlekom and Matilde Marcolli.

We make no apology for this relatively high-brow approach to such an apparently simple matter.
***In the former video Connes explains briefly his geometric interpretation of the CKM matrix which is an important aspect of flavour physics. The interested reader may find below more information from a physicist's point of view: