(A less US-centric ;-) Mapping of the theories of everything

This summer the beautiful Quanta magazine has published online a very nice interactive mapping of candidate Theories of Everything:

Most comments to this work are well deserved dithyrambic with a relevant exception I think:
Adam Smith says:
The idea of the map is nice, but so far it is mostly a map of ideas promoted in the US. When US was the center of science, 20-30 years ago, a US-centric map would have been a good approximation. But now, after the failure of the SSC and of string theory, this is no longer the case.
To please(?) this anonymous commenter here is a personal addendum to the Theory Index:

I hope this may be informative and bring more data into the former index but of course such an addendum is strongly biased by the philosophy of this blog (and its geography as well)! 
I will try another day to make a simple summary for each new index entry.

//addendum December 1 2015