Thank you Alain Connes

Today, I take the opportunity that the last session of A. Connes' lectures at Collège de France is available online to greet him with the following special post, full of enthusiasm and devoid of any boasting I hope even if probably pompous I confess:

Dear Professor,
I thank you very much to have accepted your 2017 lectures at Collège de France be broadcasted.
I was pleased you spent some time to discuss in French your operator algebraic Heisenberg-like equation dealing with quantization of volume of manifolds and its particular solution in four dimensions that proves the geometric origin of the symmetries of the noncommutative spectral model of particle physics. 
Allow me to express now my deep gratitude for your fight to distill significant insights from an inflexible Nature, who says so distinctly "No" and so indistinctly "Yes" to our theories*.  
I wish you the best in the continuation of the noncommutative geometric program in both its mathematical and physics aspects.
As a physicist I hope a time comes soon when some of your collaborator or another brilliant visionary may understand how attoms of spacetime are as easy to observe today as are atoms of matter. 
In your last lectures,  prof. Connes, you quote Riemann, Einstein and Grothendieck : great figures from the distant or closer past; I am looking forward to hearing from you discussing one day how your work has taken up (supersedes?) some of the challenges described by the contemporary Freeman Dyson in his text Missed Opportunities
I have the honor to be, Sir, yours faithfully.
Cédric Bardot

* Note : quote from the introduction to The theory of groups by Hermann Weyl