Deux quanta de géométrie vallent bien une maille de supersymétrie

For physicists
As an addendum to the former post I recommend warmly to watch the very lively lecture of Ali Chamseddine below. It is about the quanta of geometry the Higgs boson has "brought" us thanks to the noncommutative spectroscope. Chamseddine deals also with the physical consequences and answers nicely the many questions from the physicist hearing even the ones about supersymmetry or string theory and he does it in his own prejudice-free or balanced way (see the next paragraph).

Quanta of geometry Lecture by Ali Chamseddine
Future Prospects for Fundamental Particle Physics and Cosmology Workshop
 May 4 – 8, 2015

Just an anecdote
In 1973 I got a scholarship from government of Lebanon to pursue my graduate studies at Imperial College, London. Shortly after I arrived, I was walking through the corridor of the theoretical physics group, I saw the name Abdus Salam on a door. At that time my information about research in theoretical physics was zero, and since Salam is an Arabic name, and the prime minister in Lebanon at that time was also called Salam, I knocked at his door and asked him whether he is Lebanese. He laughed and explained to me that he is from Pakistan. He then asked me why I wanted to study theoretical physics. I said the reason is that I love mathematics. He smiled and told me that I am in the wrong department. In June 1974, having finished the Diploma exams I asked Salam to be my Ph.D. advisor and he immediately accepted and gave me two preprints to read and to chose one of them as my research topic. The first paper was with Strathdee [1] on the newly established field of supersymmetry (a word he coined), and the other is his paper with Pati [2] on the first Grand Unification model, now known as the Pati-Salam model. Few days later I came back and told Salam that I have chosen supersymmetry which I thought to be new and promising. Little I knew that the second project will come back to me forty years later from studying the geometric structure of space-time, as will be explained in what follows. In this respect, Salam was blessed with amazing foresight.
(Submitted on 3 Jun 2016)