Casino Royal (the bet on supersymmetry)

Place your bets, no more bets (on the geometry of spacetime)?
From Gerard 't Hooft recorded message at the "event adjudicating the bet on SUSY first made in 2000 and then in 2011" (to quote the yesterday Not Even Wrong post of Peter Woit):
In addition of my being skeptic against the expectations as supersymmetry will one day be an elementary ingredient of particle theories I would find even more unlikely that the mass values would be just small enough to allow detection of such a symmetry in the next range of experiments. That really sounds a bit too much like wishfool thinking. I do know the arguments I just think they are far too optimistic. However let me end with a positive note. You see supersymmetry refers to the spin of particles, a property involving rotations in space. If proven true - contrary to my expectations- supersymmetry would be the first major modification of our views of space and time since Einstein's theory of general relativity in 1915...

I find it interesting that this Nobel Prize winner underlines through SUSY the need for a better geometric vision. I guess he has in mind his research program on the quantum description of black holes and his recent results(*) in "removing" the Firewall problem with "higly non-trivial topological space-time features at the Planck scale".
Time for another bet with a different perspective on the proper new geometric tools build from the multi-TeV data already understood? Well, a more interesting question is what could be the crucial experiment to untie the abstract nodes of space-time-matter models in my opinion.

//The part of the post above appeared first as a comment on Resonaances.

*The results of 't Hooft on the entanglement of Hawking particles antipodal on the black hole horizon have been reported on my blog first here, then here where the curious reader is now offered a last summer refreshing dive into strange waters to get away from the current heat wave. Said it more explicitly these older but updated posts are today more than ever an invitation to travel through the possibly most illuminating analysis of the quantum gravity physics of a black hole, offering a tentative Einstein-Rosen bridge quantum crossing without threatening from any firewall but with a topological twist ;-).

//last edit August 24, 2016