A quantum of solace (for higher energy physics)

In a (coming) long night(mare?)
I think the absence of a hint of supersymmetric particles at the LHC and wimps under the Sky is a nightmare scenario mostly for those people with the prejudice that discovering a Standard Model light Higgs at TeV scale and nothing else is boring.

Now that this first purported fundamental scalar particle has been detected and its Yukawa and self interactions are under experimental scrutiny it will take more data from LHC Run 2 and much patience, waiting for a dedicated new collider or new atomic physics experiments, to confirm the 125 GeV resonance fits with its Standard Model devised incarnation.

When time comes, more physicists will be convinced that the "fifth fundamental" interaction" cannot stay out of the (r)evolution of spacetime. The latter started with the model of Minkowski elaborated from the unification of electricity and magnetism through Maxwell equations (by the well-known steps due to Lorentz, Michelson, Morley, Poincaré and Einstein). Then gravitation could not stay out of this epistemological trend either as Einstein and Eddington prove theoretically and experimentally the validity of a new model of spacetime built from Non-Euclidean geometry.

Hopefully, as the regular reader of this blog knows, the spectral noncommutative geometrisation of the Standard Model may pave the way and could provide new insight in physics beyond the Standard Model (BSM):
  • More importantly this theoretical endeavour leads now without arbitrariness to the Pati–Salam [19] gauge group SU(4)C⊗SU(2)L⊗SU(2)R, together with the corresponding gauge fields and a scalar sector that can not be chosen freely, in contrast to the early work on grand unification. In fact, there are only a few possibilities for the precise scalar content that could depend physically on hypotheses on the flavour structure of the theory (?*). One important feature that deserves to be underline : it has been checked that the spectral action principle gives the usual Pati–Salam action with unification of its three gauge couplings at a scale of the order of 1015-16 GeV while the intermediate see-saw scale is in the range 1011-13 GeV.

    * This is a possibly unsafe interpretation of the blogger. To quote the original paper "there are only a few possibilities for the precise scalar content, depending on the assumptions made on the finite Dirac operator".Considering the fact that this operator encodes the fermions masses and mixing in the spectral point of view I hope my own words are basically correct. The interested reader may find a tentative discussion of flavour mixing in the noncommutative geometric setting here.

    //Last edit : 13 August 2016.