LHC2 : Open to us the gates beyond the realms of the Standard Model!

Waiting for a sort of higher energy particle physics model Bingo
Neither the usual wanderer in this blog nor other science enthusiasts ignore any more (particularly after the good teasing by Jon Butterworth in his most recent post from the Guardian) that the CERN scientists have scheduled a seminar for 3 p.m (2 p.m UTC/GMT) today to deliver what could be exciting new results from their first fishing in the uncharted 13 teraelectronvolts.

To wait and see this potentially memorable event (commented in real time by Tommaso Dorigo) I suggest to bring the "bingo grid" below and have a look on the review article it is extracted from  in order to understand it and imagine the rules of the game one could indulge to play watching the slides of the seminar. 

The aim of this paper is to summarize in a single document both the experimental and the theoretical situation of the ’diboson’ excess in preparation for the data coming from the LHC 13 TeV run. Should the excess be confirmed the reader could easily use this document as a first point to check which one of the possible approaches are more likely to be able to explain not only the existing excesses but any other that may come in different channels. By having a comprehensive analysis of the different ideas we hope to present a clear explanation of the situation... 

For the purpose of a condensed phenomenological overview of models addressing the diboson excess, in {the t}able {below} 
we summarize the main production modes and decay channels of the particles responsible for the excesses in the different setups. We classify the models according to the nature of the relevant resonance(s), here spin and charges, and not according to the UV theory (which might be weakly or strongly coupled). Analyses not fitting in this simple format are listed under ’Unconventional’

(Submitted on 14 Dec 2015)