Beams stable, you may propose your best ideas about physics at 13 TeV

But remember: Nature disposes!
Here are a few computer reconstructed images of the first human made proton-proton front collisions at 13TeV done in the LHC on wednesday 3 June 2015.

Collisions seen within the ATLAS experiment's detector (Image: ATLAS/CERN)

Collisions seen within the CMS experiment's detector (Image: CMS/CERN)

Collisions as seen within the LHCb experiment's detector (Image: LHCb/CERN)

Collisions seen within the ALICE experiment's detector (Image: ALICE/CERN)

//Edit 27 June
What happens before and after collision? This nice video* illustrates the path of the smashing protons and the flow of data coming out:

(*I found it thanks to the excellent blog