GR+QM = SM (is arguably not a quantum baliverne ;-)

Here is a personal ricochet after this and that ones on the bloggosphere after the recent L. Susskind's summerly letter : Dear Qubitzers, GR=QM. 

When the orientability condition in noncommutative geometry is applied to maps from a four-manifold to a four sphere, a higher degree Heisenberg relation appears involving the Dirac operator and the Feynman slash coordinates. Any connected Riemannian Spin 4-manifold with quantized volume >4 (in suitable units) appears as an irreducible representation of this commutation relation in dimension 4 and these representations give a seductive model of the « particle picture » for a theory of quantum gravity in which both the Einstein geometric standpoint and the Standard Model emerge from Quantum Mechanics.

For a mathematical demonstration see here, for a theoretical physical discussion see here and for possible experimental physics implications on a gauge unification perspective and in the dark sky see there.

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