(Spacetime models) For your eyes (but not) only

//This post has been slightly edited on 17 September 2016

Defending another point of view on Solid Theoretical Research in Natural Geometric Structures
Here is a selection of videos from 2014 to 2016 (plus a bonus older audio file at the end) gathered as interesting representatives of most recent progress in spectral (mostly noncommutative) geometry to improve our models in spacetime with potential applications in high energy physics beyond the minimal Standard Model. Click on the title of each video to watch it.

Speaker: Achim Kempf (09/2015)

Speaker: Fedele Lizzi (05/2014)

Speaker: John W. Barrett (12/2015)

The standard model from non-commutative geometry: what? why? what's new?
Speakers: Latham Boyle and Shane Farnsworth (05/2015)

Spectral action and cosmology
Speaker: Mairi Sakellariadou (04/2016)

Spectral Geometric Unification
Speaker: Ali Chamseddine (06/2014)

Noncommutative geometry and physics (123)
Speaker : Alain Connes (03/2016)

And last but not least here is a 10 year-old "golden oldie" conference this post aims at celebrating but for your ears only since it is the proper tool to hear the music of spheres (click on the title below to listen to the audio file)

Noncommutative geometry and the standard model with neutrino mixing

Summarizing a ten year old achievement...
... namely the complete derivation of the Lagrangian density of the minimal Standard Model exactly as given in Veltman’s book Diagrammatica through the thorough study of the spectral action on a specific almost-commutative manifold to model spacetime. From the following compact expression that synthesizes the spectral noncommutative geometric understanding of the Standard Model of particle physics

one recovers after a patient computation the long equation below compiled by generations of physicists...

Full details are available here (starting from p 217).