The (spectral classical) standard model is the almost unique solution to the (noncommutative equation of) quantization of (4D Euclidean) spacetime

Hindsight from zeptospace
The theoretical physicist Ali Chamseddine conveys in a colloquial way the idea behind this statement (roughly made at 54'32'') in the following recent lecture footage which is a counterpart (susy-sugra-stringy-M-theory friendly, watch at 1h02'10'' and 1h20'10'' ;-) to the more hieratic (more mesmerizing) one by the mathematician Alain Connes mentioned in a former post. 

Quanta of Geometry (slides) by Ali Chamseddine
May 4 – 8, 2015 at Simons Center for Geometry and physics

Insight into zettaspace?
Here are the last slides where one can show that the complete solution to the more concrete quantization of the (3+1)D space-time could also give a hint to solve the inflation-dark matter-dark energy conundrum:

To the interested reader (not a regular one of this blog) here are the two published articles where the material briefly publicized above is fully presented :  the theoretical physicist-summary and the mathematical physics-demonstration.
It is interesting to notice the presence among the authors of both articles, out of the mathematician and the theoretical physicist already mentioned, the presence of a specialist in quantum cosmology (Sacha Mukhanov). Thus one may hope for a sequel about a testable phenomenology one day. The blogger stays alert.

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