A possible motto and a general philosophy for the spectral noncommutative program for physics

Less speculated particles and more refined spacetime models
"It's very strange what happens in physics because we start with the Maxwell-Dirac Lagrangian and we say that's the Maxwell theory that prescribes the geometry of spacetime and this is Minkowski space. Then whenever we find a new interaction like the weak interaction or the strong interaction we put new particles in the space but this is bizarre because after all we should start from the full Lagrangian of all the interactions we know and we should derive spacetime from there. What I am saying is that this is exactly what noncommutative geometry does, it tells you there is a small nuance between what you would get if you had Maxwell-Dirac and what you actually get if you take the actual Standard Model Lagrangian. And this nuance is very minor, it's a very minor amount of noncommutativity which is coming from [a] finite discrete space...
Conference Non-Commutative Geometry & Space-Time (Nov 17, 2005) 
KITP Program: Mathematical Structures in String Theory (Aug 1 - Dec 16, 2005)
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