Patience in the noncommutative garden

Patience of a gardener
... the very fact that noncommutative examples are hard to find but nonetheless exist is rather encouraging: it indicates that our set of axioms is just constraining enough to be consistent but not trivial.
(Submitted on 9 Dec 2013 (v1), last revised 24 Dec 2013)

Patience of a bee
The Higgs boson is a spectral flower blooming from the seed of non-commutative spacetime sown in the electroweak field  / Le boson de Higgs est une fleur spectrale qui nait d'une graîne d'espacetemps non commutatif semée dans le champ électrofaible.
a spectral noncommutative geometry enthousiast blogger dreaming of himself as a pollinator ;-)

Patience of a physicist waiting for LHC run 2
Patience, patience,
Patience in the zeptospace,
Each null result
is the chance of a new symmetry!
The glad surprise may come,
A signal, not a statistical fluke,
The faintest track,
A missing energy
could bring hope
When LHC will run again
(October 19, 2014)

This comment is loosely based on the penultimate stanza of "Charmes" from the French poet Paul Valéry. It is secretly dedicated to the physicists waiting for SUSY and/or low scale left-right extensions of the Standard Model; to others who could apprehend a nightmare scenario at LHC run 2, I suggest to take comfort in listening the genuine words of the poet :
Ces jours qui te semblent vides
Et perdus pour l’univers
Ont des racines avides
Qui travaillent les déserts
Patience, patience,
Patience dans l’azur!
Chaque atome de silence
Est la chance d’un fruit mûr!

Paul Valéry, Charmes (1922)

Time will say if the noncommutative garden stores a harvest of ripe fruits for physicists