Quelques commentaires autour des résultats de Bicep2 et du lien possible entre Higgs et inflaton

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Does it mean we have now some evidence for a second scalar field (not necesseraly fundamental) the inflaton, a big brother to the Higgs? How big (vev, mass) today (not just before Big Bang nucleosynthesis) by the way ? Could the inflaton talk to (interact with) the Higgs boson, could the big one helps the light one to cope with its quadratic divergences ... I stop here to avoid rhyme inflation with infatuation17 March 2014 20:33  
Jester said...
Yes, the hypothesis of a new scalar field to support inflation is getting more and more plausible. We don't know its properties, but the mass should not be larger than 10^16 GeV. We know nothing about its interactions with the Higgs, and we have no idea how it could help with the hierarchy problem.17 March 2014 21:18

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A possibly relevant piece of information to know if the BICEP2 results (to be confirmed) could be useful to test simple models:
“[A Higgs inflaton scenario with the already known scalar boson mass close to the critical value for which the Standard Model is a self-consistent effective field theory up to inflationary scale] becomes a predictive theory for particle physics … It is amazing that a possible detection of large tensor-to-scalar ratio r … predicts the top quark and Higgs boson masses close to their experimental values. Another observation is that the running of the spectral index becomes relatively large and negative.”