2015 : Ready to unravel the maze of dark matter and cosmological inflation...

... following the Ariane thread of a spectral noncommutative "quantum gravity" ?
In the following video (from 17 december 2014) Alain Connes explains how a quantized 4D euclidean spacetime dressed with (a Pati Salam asymptotically free extension of) the Standard Model emerges from an operator algebraic Heisenberg like equation first proposed in this article from september 2014.

The video is a lively exposition of the mathematical work that appeared in the following paper with hopefully inspiring ideas for physics in the last quarter of the talk (specifically from 1h37'48'' when Connes gives literally a hand-waving argument how a macroscopic spin manifold can be folded inside the products of two Planck sized 4D spheres). "Having established the mathematical foundation for the quantization of geometry, we shall present consequences and physical applications of these results in a forthcoming publication" is the ending sentence of the aforementioned paper : needless to say expectations are high for this new year that the blogger wishes rich in delight and discoveries for all his readers!


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